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Get Magtech 9mm 115 Delivered Monthly & Save 7%

** Limited to the first 500 customers

Magtech 9mm 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket

Magtech 9mm 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket

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Manufacturer: Magtech


Get Magtech 9mm Delivered Monthly & Enjoy These Benefits

Guaranteed Ammo

Regardless of what happens within politics or the economy, you will be guaranteed Magtech 9mm 115 Grain delivered right to your door every month. No matter what happens, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing you have guaranteed 9mm!

White Glove Service

Receive an elevated level of customer care from our Pro Armory Veterans. First class customer service is exactly what you’ll get. Speak directly to a Veteran every single time! 

Save Time & Money

Not only will you save 7% on your Magtech 9mm 115 Grain, but you will also be saving TIME which is even more important. The days of forgetting to order before your range weekend or spending hours searching the internet and driving to gun stores are in the past. 

Priority Shipping

Your order will be the first to ship out of our warehouse every single morning. No matter how busy our fulfillment team is, your orders will be the first that are processed, packed, and shipped out of our warehouse.

Free Sticker Club

With your subscription you will become a part of our Pro Armory Sticker Club for FREE! Receiving badass Pro Armory Exclusive Stickers every month with your Magtech 9mm 115 Grain. A $9.95 value that you will be given at no additional cost!

Ammo Specs

Magtech 9mm 115 Grain FMJ

Muzzle Velocity: 1135 fps
Muzzle Energy: 330 ft. lb
Primer: Boxer
Casing: Brass Casing
Ammo Rating: Target, Practice, & Training

Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket

Limited To First 500 Customers

We want to guarantee an entire year's worth of inventory for the first 500 customers who take advantage of this offer. By limiting the number of people that can take advantage of this great deal, we are able to guarantee an entire year's supply of ammo for each person.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"Between running a golf company and being a father of two kids, my time is very limited. The last thing I want to be doing is spending my time hunting down ammo. This has been a huge time saver for me. I love having a big freakin’ box of ammo show up at my door once a month!"

- Tyler Hall, Founder,

"The last thing I want to be doing is spending more time online, searching websites for stuff I need. Give me something that will save me time & money and allow me to spend more time outdoors hunting and shooting — and I’m all in. 10/10 would recommend."

- Tom McCormick, Avid Outdoorsman 

"As an entrepreneur, convenience and saving time are important to me. I can’t tell you how many times the weekend came around and I had forgotten to buy ammo for the range. I love the convenience of having ammo show up at my door every month without me having to remember to go online, checkout and go through that whole process."

- Jeff Perez, Former USMC

"Ammo is like toilet paper or paper towels to me. I’m going to use it and I’d rather have it show up at my house monthly so I don’t need to remember to buy it all the time. I know I’m going to use it. This saves me time."

 - Jake Nathan, Entrepreneur 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at ProArmory we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for you. If you are not happy for any reason, call us at (833)-853-2666 or send us an email at and we will make you happy.

We are here to serve you and we look forward to enthusiastically taking care of all your needs.


Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.

We look forward to serving you.


Canceling is simple. Simply email “Cancel Subscription” to and one of our US Veteran customer service representatives will cancel it immediately.

Or Give Us A Call at (833)-853-2666.

We are open Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm EST

Great question. Big ammo manufacturers like Magtech want to see steady, consistent sales from companies like ours. Subscriptions such as this allow us to have more steady, consistent monthly sales . This gives us more bargaining power with big ammo manufacturers — and we then pass those savings over to you. In the long run, the more steady and consistent the sales, the more savings you will experience in the future.

We pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. Our job is to make you happy and a customer with us for life.

Call us or email us between 9am-5pm , Monday-Friday and we will handle any issue that you have.

We want to offer this only to the most serious and dedicated customers and guarantee them ammo for an entire year. By limiting this offer, it allows us to provide a special “White Glove” service to our most dedicated customers and guarantee them ammo.

If you cancel your subscription too late - meaning after your package was shipped out, simply email us or call us and we’ll be happy to help you with your cancellation and answer any questions you may have. We are available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST. Call us at (833) 853-2666 or email us at

You will receive two order-related e-mails from our website. The first e-mail will be sent to you immediately after you place your order and will contain your order confirmation number. You will then receive a second e-mail once your order has been shipped which will contain your shipment's tracking number. If you have not received either of the two e-mails mentioned above, please check your SPAM folder. If you find nothing in your SPAM folder, please contact our office by calling (833) 853-2666 or by sending an e-mail to

Due to safety considerations and legal/regulatory reasons, Ammunition is not able to be returned and is considered a final sale item. For items not eligible for a return, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about warranty and return eligibility. Exceptions are made for defective merchandise only. In the event of you receiving a product that is defective from the manufacturer, we will either have the return made to the manufacturer for exchange or to us for an exchange or refund; this will be done at our discretion.

NOTICE: Federal law states you must be 21 years of age or older to buy ammunition. Due to Department of Transportation (DOT) restrictions, we cannot accept returns. By completing a purchase, you acknowledge you are following all local and applicable laws regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition. 


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