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Meet Our Vets




A United States Army Veteran. Kyle was a mortarman during his time in the Army. Upon his discharge he was given a disabled veteran status due to injury sustained while serving. Before Kyle joined the Pro Armory team, he spent the previous 4 years completing both an AA-Business Degree, and BBA-General Management. Due to his love of the outdoors, he has considerable knowledge of different products that Pro Armory offers.

Kyle is an avid outdoorsman and loves spending quality time with his family and sending rounds down range. He has an amazing personality and love for the industry which makes him an amazing fit for his role. We are so blessed to have Kyle as a member of our Customer Service Team and Pro Armory Family!



A United States Army Veteran. Gabriel was stationed in North Carolina as a part in one of the United State’s most prestigious divisions, America’s guard of honor, the 82nd Airborne. He served the duration of his contract as an Airborne Cavalry Scout until Honorably Discharged due to a back injury sustained during an airborne night operation. Upon his discharge, he enrolled in college all the while traveling the country, enjoying his hobby of living in the great outdoors. Gabriel graduated from Lock Haven University with a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education Social Studies shortly there after. With a passion for history and love for all things volatile in nature, Gabriel has developed a vast knowledge of firearms. However, this knowledge is not limited to current firearms technology, he also loves the history behind those generational hand cannons you have and love in your safes. Today, Gabriel spends his days enjoying time with his family along with sharing his passion for firearms and the outdoors with others.

Gabriel comes to ProArmory with a passion for all things shooting sports and outdoors. Experienced in ranged shooting, defensive training, and shooting instruction, Gabriel offers a variety of advice and experience for customers abroad in the firearms industry


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