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Founded in 2015, Serbia’s Belom ammunition is a fantastic new addition to the U.S. ammo market. Get your box of verified Belom brand handgun and rifle ammo online from Pro Armory today!

Belom Handgun Ammo
Belom’s 124 grain 9mm Luger ammo (FMJ) is a clean, affordable round that is a welcome addition to the American market. It’s a round built for those who intend to train often. Brass cased, boxer primer, fully reloadable, and quality-approved by the team here at Pro Armory – Belom 9mm luger ammo is a great product to get your hands on.

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Belom Rifle Ammo
7.62 is a great round for self-defense due to the damage it can cause. Belom’s Tactical 7.62x39mm 123 Grain (FMJ) round offers speed and accuracy for an affordable price. Made for the military but priced to get into your chamber, this is a round that belongs in every arsenal.

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Bulk Belom Handgun Ammo

How often should you train with your firearm? More is the right answer. How much ammo do you need? More is also the right answer. In our opinion, Belom ammo is made for buying in bulk. It’s affordable, ideal ammunition for training. We offer Belom 9mm Luger 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket ammo in our signature Mega Case (2 cases of 20 boxes). That’s 2,000 rounds total!

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From Serbia To America: The Belom Ammo Journey

Belom Ammunition is fairly new in the ammunition game. Founded in 2015 by Serbian state-owned arms manufacturer Yugoimport SDPR, the company has quickly grown to be a well-respected brand in several countries. In 2018, they joined the Association of European manufacturers of sporting ammunition (AFEMS), securing their spot in the global ammunition market.

We at ProArmory have never sold a round that we didn’t fire at least once — Belom is no exception. We made the purchase, imported the ammunition to the United States and introduced the foreign round to some good old-fashioned American fun on the range.

We fired both the 9mm Luger 124 grain full metal jacket and the 7.62x39mm 123 grain full metal jacket without misfire. It’s a good clean round that will get the job done just as any American shooter would expect.

Belom passed our test, and now we’re passing this ammunition on to you. Belom was originally built for the military, which means you’re now getting military grade ammunition at commercial pricing.

Still have doubts? Let’s talk ballistics.

Belom Ammo Ballistics Is Competitive With Leading Ammunition

While the stats vary by round, Belom is right there competing with the rest of the market in terms of quality, muzzle velocity, and accuracy. With both rounds we offer, you can source similar caliber ammunition.

Belom also competes for the best value — the price point makes this 7.62 round a very attractive buy for plenty of American shooters. If you see it on our site, count your blessings and buy some while you still can.

Belom 9mm Luger 124 Grain FMJ

Let’s address the 9mm Luger 124 grain full metal jacket round and its performance. This round is a new production, non-corrosive ammo with a muzzle velocity of 1115 feet per second. It is also fully reloadable with brass casing and new boxer primers. The round offers solid penetration with a sectional density of 0.141 and no expansion upon impact.

Belom 7.62x39mm 123 Grain FMJ

Meanwhile, the 7.62x39mm 123 grain full metal jacket is a brass cased, boxer primed, fully reloadable round that comes screaming out of the muzzle at 2350 fps. It’s built according to Serbian military quality standards and sold at an affordable price. This makes Belom a great round for target practice.

Belom Ammo Accuracy

The accuracy of each round is largely dependent on the shooter. You’re not going to miss because of the grain count, casing, or primer.

That said, Belom ammo does provide consistent accuracy across all calibers. If nothing else, Belom helps to improve your accuracy because it’s affordable enough to use on the range frequently, allowing you to train more and improve your accuracy.

A Proper Tool for Every Job

Here at Pro Armory, we believe that for every job there exists a proper tool. That’s true whether you’re arming up for self-defense or practicing at the range — you need the best tools for your situation.

Based on our standards, we believe Belom ammo is best suited for target and training shooters. There are better rounds for everyday carry, hunting, and self-defense — though Belom ammunition will perform just fine in a crisis.

If Belom 9mm is what you have in a firearm in a self-defense scenario, it will eliminate the threat with the proper aim. If Belom 7.62 is what’s in the chamber when the zombie apocalypse breaks out, head for the high ground, aim for the head, and be glad the ammunition was affordable enough to buy in bulk.

If the Caliber and Brand are Right, Buy Now While You Can

If you see Belom ammunition in stock, it’s a good idea to snatch it up as soon as you can. That’s not a marketing ploy — we have plenty more ammo available if we are out of stock. But Belom is incredibly popular, and it can be difficult to keep in our warehouse.

We’ve all experienced the pain of the ammunition shortage over the past few years. We too know the panicked feeling when you see empty shelves. Know that we’re working hard to import Belom ammunition for you, but the supply chain can be a mess. Our best advice is that if you see it and the caliber is right, buy it.

Belom FAQ

Q: Is Belom worth buying in bulk?

A: Yes. Belom ammo is very affordable for the quality it offers, especially in bulk cases. As the ammunition shortage in America continues to be a concern for many in 2022, buying in bulk just means that there will be more ammunition on American soil when we need it most.

Q: Is Belom ammo reloadable?

A: Yes, Belom brass casings are reloadable over multiple life cycles. Reloading your brass (properly) can help you save a ton of money and retain your stock while ammo shortages are still a concern in the United States.

Q: Is Belom ammo reliable?

A: Yes. Belom ammunition shows zero discernible lag in performance from similar rounds. We wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t any good. The accuracy and quality standards of this round make it perfect for target training.

Q: Where can I purchase Belom ammo for a good price?

A: Pro Armory is the perfect place to get ahold of Belom ammunition. Whether you’re just buying a small box of plinking ammo for the range or stocking up with a bulk mega-case, we’ve got it for cheap and discounted prices.  We ship your ammo straight to your home as fast as possible, for the lowest possible shipping cost. With Pro Armory, you can also trust that your online purchases are secure — you never have to worry about the security of your payment information when you buy from our online store.

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Whether you buy or don’t buy, we’re glad you’re here researching this new brand of ammunition. That means you are part of our universe, and that means we give a sh*t about you.

At Pro Armory, we’re all veterans who served our country. We believe that providing ammunition to the great American shooter is just another act of service.

Do yourself a favor and pick up some quality Belom ammunition. Trust your gut when it comes to how much you need to buy. We ship your products fast — straight to your front door, so you can get out on the range as soon as possible.

Belom 124 grain 9mm Luger ammo (FMJ)Belom’s Tactical 7.62x39mm 123 Grain (FMJ)
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