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Grid Down Communication Ideas

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Grid Down Communication Options:

Having a plan for when traditional methods of communication are not available is essential. Grid down comms can be a reliable and effective solution when no other means are available to keep in contact with family and friends. Investing in off-grid communication solutions can help to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in an emergency situation. With all the problems that have been occurring with cell phone communication, and areas where 911 has gone down and stayed down for hours, you should consider setting yourself up with a Grid Down option for communications with neighbors, family members, and your community, as well as staying up to date on any weather situations active in your area. I am talking about options like GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), and HAM radio commonly referred to as Amatuer Radio, both of these radios you will need to acquire a license to operate, another option is FRS (Family Radio Service). I will give you some basic information for these within each discussion of the radios, and what it will take to obtain those licenses, and the cost associated with each. I will spare you all the tech talk between UHF, VHF, and the powerful HF bands. If I didn't, this could turn into a lengthy blog. I just want to give you available options and some baseline information on each of the radios, so if it sparks your interest you can look into each of them and see which works best for you, your family or Emergency Communication Plan.

FRS- Family Radio Service

One of the more common options available is FRS radios. You can find these at any big box store or any online distributor at a very reasonable price. Also known as “bubble pack” radios due to the packaging they are found in, these radios are the small two way walkie talkie radios one would have for an outdoor adventure, most commonly used while hunting, off roading, or a walk in your neighborhood these radios work with a LOS (line of sight) communications, since it is hard for their frequency to go through thick trees, or over high mountains, they can have a range of 2 miles but very rarely will they transmit that far, only in the best conditions like wide open areas, and minimal environmental interference could this possibly be achieved. These radios DO NOT require a license to operate, having the option of twenty-two channels and two watt output, they do share the same channels as GMRS radios, and can be received through them. So these would be a good choice if you are in a rural area, possibly on a family homestead/ranch that is open, or camping to where obstacles are limited so you can communicate between your location and your family or friends at home/camp a few hundred yards away.


- Inexpensive And Budget Friendly

- All 22 Channels Share The Same Frequency As GMRS


- Low Power Output/Less Effective Distance

- Cannot Connect To A Bigger Antenna To Reach Further Due to FCC Regulations 

- These Radios Have A Fixed Non-Removable Antenna