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Buy 10mm Ammo in Bulk at Pro Armory (1000 Round Cases)

24th Apr 2023

Whether you're looking for personal protection or an outstanding hunting round, 10mm ammo is an excellent choice. As a favorite among many law enforcement agencies, the 10mm is guaranteed to put bigger holes in bad guys and pack a bigger punch than most of your other handgun rounds.

Check out the 10mm options available in bulk today at Pro Armory to experience the power of this remarkable round for yourself.

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Ammo Inc. 10mm Auto Ammo 180 Grain TMC - 1000 ROUNDS
Get 1000 rounds (20 boxes of 50) of quality 10mm ammo at an affordable price. 1190 fps muzzle velocity, 566 ft./lb. muzzle energy, brass-cased, boxer primed.
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The Need for Better Ammo: 10mm and the FBI

April 11th, 1986 was the day the FBI realized they needed to step up their arsenal. In the Miami area, a team of FBI agents had attempted to bring in the two bank robbers and murderers Michael Platt and William Matix, when things went completely south. A wild car chase ensued, resulting in multiple collisions, during which several agents sustained injuries and lost their equipment.

As soon as the robbers' get-away car came to a screeching halt, Matix and Platt began to open fire in a hellish barrage against the FBI at close range — no less than 20-30 feet away. Even though the criminals were eventually killed, multiple agents were injured or killed in the gunfight as well.

Shortly after analyzing the encounter, the FBI determined this:

Their agents were severely undergunned despite their larger numbers; they possessed two shotguns, several 9mm pistols, two .357s, and a handful of backup .38 revolvers. Platt and Matix used a Ruger Mini-14 and a short-barreled shotgun to wreak havoc on these agents.

The FBI quickly learned that what used to work in years past doesn’t always work now. A new and powerful round was needed to fill the holsters of FBI agents. They needed to carry better guns to contend with criminals in the field.

The 10mm round was one of the first to be investigated simply because it kicks ass and leaves big holes in targets. The only problem was the high recoil. It stayed on with law enforcement Hostage Rescue Teams and SWAT, but the Feds simply filed it away as a “possible” option, choosing instead the .40 S&W (a shortened version of the 10mm).

Still, the 10mm Auto gained popularity over time among law enforcement entities and firearm enthusiasts due to its impressive ballistics and versatility. Today, the 10mm Auto remains a favorite among many.

A Bigger Look at the 10mm

The 10mm Auto is a powerful round that made its debut in 1983. It was developed by retired Colonel Jeff Cooper and his associates in an attempt to create a defense round with a larger bore and greater stopping power than the .45 ACP. Thus, the 10mm Auto was born in the 1980’s.

While it has waxed and waned in popularity over time, it's still a staple for many shooters today. Even newer weapons like the Glock 20 and Glock 29 can be found in 10mm.

The popularity of the 10mm cartridge has also made it available in a range of firearms, including revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, and rifles. In fact, the 10mm was such a powerful round that Smith and Wesson used it as a base for the .40 S&W. They simply took the 10mm round, shortened it, decreased the powder load, and bam — the .40 S&W was born from the 10mm.

Why People Buy 10mm Ammo From Pro Armory

Pro Armory is proud to be a veteran-owned business that specializes in providing top-notch ammunition and weapon accessories to our customers.

Every product we sell has been thoroughly researched and tested to meet our stringent standard of excellence. We believe in providing the very best product for your needs so you can focus on what matters: your safety and the protection of those who depend on you.

When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you're getting a product that’s been checked and approved by industry experts passionate about providing American people with the ammo and gear they need to stay prepared.

I finally found an ammo company online that cares about me. Most just are salesmen with zero customer service. Pro Armory I thank you! -TF

Outstanding customer service and had my order to me within two days. They're extremely responsive to customer questions, going above and beyond to make it a great customer experience. - DA

Nice to see that I can save money when I buy in bulk! I live in FL and shipping was only 3 days from when I ordered. I will be ordering again – PJ

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Buying 10mm in Bulk

"I have been called many things. "Doomsday prepper". "Gun enthusiast." "Monster hunter." I reject all these labels. What I am is a survivalist. " - Burt Gummer, Tremors (1990)

Due to the ammunition shortage we’ve all recently experienced in the last few years post-COVID, it’s no wonder people are looking more at buying in bulk/quantity more than ever. When you first see empty shelves and super high ammo prices, it’s natural to be caught off-guard or panic — but those who buy in bulk dont’ need to worry.

10mm typically runs around $1.00 to $2.50 USD per round in 20-50 round boxes. That’s not bad, and buying small is fine for shooting tin cans and “backyard” practice. However, buying in bulk is a significantly better option if you plan on preparing for the long haul, saving you money over time on shipping costs and your price per round.

Think about it: If you buy 1000 rounds per year in small, 50-round boxes, that’s 20 boxes. If you’re paying $30 - $50 per box, you’re spending $600 to $1000 per year on 10mm ammo. That’s $0.60 - $1.00 per round. However, most dealers will heavily discount bulk orders. In some cases, you could pay $540 or less for 1000 rounds. That’s about $0.54 per round. Multiply these savings over time, and the results are amazing.

Buying in bulk all at once is better, cheaper, and more economical than buying what you need as your needs arise. Go with your instinct. Prepare for the “now” and prepare for the future with bulk 10mm ammo.

Shoot Better with 10mm Ammo

The 10mm is a “flat-shooting” round — meaning you don’t need to worry so much about your bullet arcs. The 10mm also has a higher-than-average power rating and ranks up there with a .357 Magnum. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting, the 10mm is a dependable round for just about any situation.

With a 180-grain load, you can get around 1200-1400 fps from a 10mm (also on par with the lead shared by the .357 Magnum).

Here’s some information about a few makers of 10mm rounds:

In comparison to the .40 S&W, the 10mm bypasses it by a few hundred feet per second using similar bullet weights and full-power powder loads.


Q: Are there different types of 10mm rounds?

A: Yes. Several manufacturers produce 10mm rounds in varying weights, powder loads, and styles of tips. Pro Armory will have your needs met and will support you every step of the way.

Q: How bad is the recoil with 10mm? Why should I care?

A: The recoil of a 10mm depends on the manufacturer, now. The 10mm isn’t such a “boutique” or “niche” round. You can find different powder loads to suit you. There’s the “FBI Lite” ammunition load, for example. Then there’s typical 150-180 grain load ammunition. Find the right type of ammunition for you but make sure to buy in bulk if you can.

Q: Can I use 10mm ammunition for hunting?

A: Boasting exceptional accuracy, hard-hitting power, flat trajectory, and manageable recoil on rifle platforms, the 10mm is a top-performing hunting cartridge.

Q: Is 10mm ammo worth buying in bulk?

A: Yes. Purchasing 10mm ammo in bulk can be an affordable option, especially when buying from trustworthy sources like Pro Armory. Buying in bulk can also ensure that you have enough for extended shooting sessions or training exercises without sweating about running out of ammo.

Buy 10mm in Bulk Online from Pro Armory (1000 Round Cases)

As a veteran-operated company, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and value — whatever your shooting goals are. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional marksman, we've got your back.

We understand the importance of having high-quality, reliable ammunition at a fair price. If you're looking for a reliable source of ammunition and weapon accessories, you’re in the right place.

We have a deep respect for the American tradition of hunting and shooting, and we understand how important it is to have the right gear when you're out in the field or on the range.

Don't Break the Bank on Ammo. Get Affordable 10mm Ammunition from Pro Armory!

Ammo Inc. 10mm Auto Ammo 180 Grain TMC - 1000 ROUNDS
Get 1000 rounds (20 boxes of 50) of quality 10mm ammo at an affordable price. 1190 fps muzzle velocity, 566 ft. lb. muzzle energy, brass-cased, boxer primed.
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