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Winchester Super-X 308 Winchester 180 Grain Power-Point 2

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Winchester Super-X 308 Winchester 180 Grain Power-Point. Fast shipping and bulk ammunition available at Keep checking back in at Pro Armory as we are constantly getting in new ammunition at cheap discounts and great pricing. Winchester Super-X 308 Winchester 180 Grain Power-Point ammo review offers the following information; Winchester Super-X 308 has developed a reputation as being hard hitting and reliable! Winchester Super-X Power Point ammunition offers a unique exposed soft nose jacketed bullet design that delivers maximum energy on target. Strategically placed notches around the jacket mouth improve upset performance and ensure uniform expansion for massive energy release. This ammunition boasts incredible knockdown power on deer-sized game. Super-X is made using precise manufacturing processes and the highest quality components to provide consistent, dependable performance that generations of shooters continue to rely upon.

NOTICE: Federal law states you must be 21 years of age or older to buy ammunition. Due to Department of Transportation (DOT) restrictions, we cannot accept returns. By completing a purchase, you acknowledge you are following all local and applicable laws regarding the purchase and possession of ammunition.

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MPN X3086
UPC 020892200401
Manufacturer Winchester Ammunition
Caliber 308
Bullet Type Silver Tip
Muzzle Velocity 2620 fps
Muzzle Energy 2743 ft lbs
Primer Boxer
Casing Brass Casing
Ammo Rating Big Game Hunting 308 Winchester Ammo
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