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Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator Mask (TAPR)

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Tactical Gear




Center Port TAPR Body | Mesh Harness | ParticleMax P3 Compact Fitler | P-CAN Compact Filter | Carry Case | Nylon Pouch | Low-profile Exhalation Cap

The Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator (TAPR) is the first EN-140 certified half-face respirator mask specifically designed for special operations, security actions, and rescue teams. Originally developed to suit the needs of the Czech Special Forces, the TAPR is designed to provide flexible, versatile protection for even the most challenging tactical situations.


Center Port TAPR Body
  • Made from silicone rubber for comfort, it has two exhalation ports and a central 40-mm NATO threaded filter connector.
Mesh Head Harness
  • Low-profile head harness for use without a helmet or with a helmet without rails, providing full compatibility with the protective headgear used by security forces and rescue teams.
ParticleMax P3 Compact Filter
  • Particle filters provide protection against solid and liquid particles. Filters are divided into classes according to their filtration efficiency. The highest class (P3) provides reliable protection against solid and liquid aerosols and hazardous microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.
P-CAN Compact Filter
  • Our P-CAN Compact filter was engineered specifically for use by law enforcement against riot control agents. This filter provides respiratory protection against the effects of tear agents, especially CS and CR gases and agents, both gaseous and aerosol based, e.g., in aqueous solution
Carry Case
  • Convenient hard travel case when you’re on the go protects the TAPR respirator mask and all accessories from damage.
Nylon Pouch
  • Made from 600D nylon fabric, it’s large enough to fit an assembled TAPR and accessories. The back of the pouch has MOLLE webbing and built-in snap straps.
Low-Profile Exhalation Cap
  • Allows a closer cheek weld when using rifles.