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S2 - Level IIIA Soft Armor

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The soft body armor option for concealed protection and an excellent choice for a lightweight overt loadout: Our S2 panel provides level IIIA body armor protection and is built to be convenient and capable of stopping multiple hits from all handgun threats up to 1,440 FPS. This soft armor plate is made of two alternating aramid types, layered in a special arrangement that allows the panel to work multi-directionally.

The S2 - Soft Body Armor panel is made of Aramid and built for a balance between affordability and top-level capability. It is lightweight at just 1.25 lbs and has strong stopping power defeating all handgun threats.

Tested to NIJ 0101.06 standards, the S2 is capable of stopping all IIIA body armor threats: 125-grain .357 SIG FMJ flat-nose bullets with speeds up to 1,470 feet per second and 240-grain .44 Magnum Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets with speeds up to 1430 ft/s.

Because the S2 panel is soft armor, it can be used in a concealment capacity and bends with movements of a person's upper torso. The soft armor panel is designed, cut, sewn, and assembled in-house in Phoenix, Arizona, and has a 5-year shelf life.

Material: Aramid Fiber, and Laminated Ripstop Nylon (sonic welded)

Protection: .357 SIG FMJ Flat Nose (FN) bullets with a specified mass of 8.1g (125gr) and a velocity of 1,470 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s) and with .44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point (SJHP) bullets with a specified mass of 15.6g (230gr)

Capability: Multi-hit protection

Dimensions & Compatibility:

  • 10” x 12”
    • Weight: 1.25 lbs
    • Thickness: 0.36"
    • Plate Carriers: Testudo, Valkyrie, Invictus & AR Concealment
  • 11" x 14"
    • Weight: 1.54 lbs
    • Thickness: 0.36"
    • Plate Carriers: Testudo & AR Concealment
Shelf life: 5 years

Manufactured: United States

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