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Sterling Ammo: An International Favorite

Finding the right ammo is easily the worst or the most enjoyable part of shooting. It can be expensive and complicated — but also a lot of fun.

You start by shooting different rounds to get a general idea of the accuracy, the kick, and how dirty the ammo runs. Then, you start searching for what you want out of that selection. You need to have enough ammunition to keep your guns fed and happy, so you can’t be shooting stuff so overpriced that it takes all the joy out of the sport.

At Pro Armory, we know the struggle of finding the best ammo for the lowest price. That’s why we stock Sterling ammo. This brand offers some of the newest manufacturing processes available, and we offer them to you at a great low price.

The History of Sterling Ammo

Sterling started ammunition production in England in the 1990s, before moving to their current production plant in Turkey. Since then, Sterling has produced over 120 ammunition products for more than 20 armed forces and export markets worldwide, including the US, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia, and Hungary. Today, Turac (the parent company) has become an industry leader on the international market. It’s the preferred brand by the military and police organizations of several countries.

But Turac and their Sterling brand are not the imported ammo from decades gone by. These guys really have it dialed in, producing a world-class product that provides consistency and accuracy, shot after shot.

A Reliable Brand During Supply Chain Shortages

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sterling’s modern facilities allowed it to put customers’ needs first by continuing production despite several supply chain disruptions. Turac’s newest Sterling factory is producing a wide variety of ammunition, from shotgun ammo to 9mm and 5.56mm. They used to be known for remanufactured ammo, but are quickly moving away from that to focus on some truly great factory ammunition.

Why Buy Sterling Ammo?

Here are the top three reasons Sterling ammo is a great buy:

  1. Better Consistency: Sterling’s newest production facility (built in 2013) is a modern ammunition factory that allows their ammunition to be made with tighter tolerances than older facilities. This gives you a lower standard deviation and more consistent results from shot to shot than many other popular brands.
  2. Purpose-Built Ammunition: Sterling makes several specialty ammunition products. Under their brand, you can find rubber 5.56mm bullets for training and nonlethal shooting, soft tip rounds for hunting, and full metal jacket rounds for general shooting and military needs. Birdshot, buckshot, and slug rounds are available in 12 gauge and 410 gauge. Sterling is constantly expanding their product line for export.
  3. It’s Actually Available: Because Sterling uses an updated factory and modern manufacturing techniques for a lesser-known brand (at least in the United States), it is much easier to find their products in stock. But don’t think that Sterling is lower quality ammunition just because they’re the new Turkish kid on the scene. This isn’t NATO or COMBLOC surplus ammunition — Sterling makes great quality products, even if you’re looking for niche ammunition like polymer case and non-lethal 5.56mm.

Buy Sterling In Bulk

Grab a pack, try it in your firearm, and see if it’s your weapon’s favorite snack. If so, Pro Armory is your source for Sterling bulk ammo.

Don’t wait for ammunition prices to come down to their pre-pandemic levels; more shooters are joining the sport each year, and ammunition prices rarely go down for long. If you find a brand of ammo your firearm loves, then buy it in bulk quickly.

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Buy Sterling in Bulk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the velocity for Sterling ammunition?

A: Each type of Sterling ammunition will chrono a bit differently. But Sterling usually runs a bit hot, with higher pressure compared to the average round. If your barrel is longer, it will produce higher velocity.

Q: What primers are used in Sterling ammo?

A: Boxer primers, such as the Nobel Sport Type 209/688, Sellier & Bellot 4.4SP Boxer, and the Unis 3-P1 Boxer, are some of the most notable primers used in Sterling ammo. Remember to pick up your brass for reloads or donate it to your favorite doomsday prepper.

Q: Is Sterling ammo steel or brass cased?

A: All Sterling ammo is made with new brass cases (unless specified) made by Turac. It’s very easy to tell the difference between their steel-cased ammunition made for militaries and brass-cased civilian ammunition.

Q: What kind of powder is in Sterling ammo?

A: Sterling hunting gun powders are being produced with special standards by Nobel Sport, a global leader in gunpowder production based in France. Well-selected Sterling gun powders are being used separately for different types of cartridges to provide excellent performance.

Q: I hear Sterling ammo runs dirty. Is that true?

A: Older Sterling was remanufactured while they built the new factory in Istanbul — but that was a completely different grade of ammunition. The new Sterling is made with higher-quality powder out of France by Nobel Sport. With 11 different powders to choose from, it is difficult to keep track of them all, but the best way to find out is by getting your hands dirty. Grab a couple of boxes. If you love them, put them in your bulk order.

Q: What cleaners can I use?

A: Sterling uses Nobel Sport’s gunpowder and copper-coated bullets, both of which are easily cleaned by CLP, Hoppe’s No. 9, and a little bit of elbow grease. Noble powder has a very predictable burn rate. When matched with the right barrel length, it’s remarkably simple to clean.

Q: How do I store Bulk Sterling ammo?

A: Ask 10 people this question, and you’ll get 10 different responses. But a lot of people store ammo in ammo cans. It’s a real head-scratcher as to why. The most popular/common cans are .50-cal and 7.62-cal cans. Sure, they originally held linked ammo for machine guns. But they’re sturdy, they stack well, and they’re relatively cheap. Plus, most have a rubber gasket to keep moisture out. Use whatever you need to keep your powder dry.

Q: Why should I buy ammo from Pro Armory?

A: At Pro Armory, our goal is to provide the best online ammo purchasing experience possible for great American shooters like you. We don’t just sell great products. We use them too. We test every brand for quality standards before we decide to make them a regular supplier. That way, we can stand behind all the products we sell. We also ensure a safe and secure purchase for each box or case of ammo you buy from us. You never have to worry about your credit card info when you purchase something from Pro Armory. You just pick your ammo, and we’ll ship it straight to your door at the lowest possible shipping cost.

Get Your Hands on Sterling Ammo Today

Sterling’s updated factory produces high-quality ammunition while keeping velocity high and the prices low. We’re impressed by how the company’s updated facilities have allowed them to make better ammo products than ever before.

As veterans and hunters, we know that picking your ammo is no simple task. If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it. Try out a box of Sterling ammunition for yourself to see if you like it.

Get low-cost ammo shipped directly to your doorstep for the lowest shipping cost possible at Pro Armory, where we give a sh*t about you. Browse our store to find your perfect ammo today.

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